Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update: Post-it holders

Remember my post on paper paper goods where I showed the different post-it holders? At that time they didn't have the post-it on yet because I haven't gotten the post-its yet. There's a reason to why I took a long time to get them. I didn't want the plain old post-its, soooo.............this is what I got!
These are the post-its that I got. Aren't they adorable. I bought more for myself and did you know you can also use these for making cards and scrapbooking.
These is how they look like on the post-it holders. Cute right?! I'm so glad they blend in really nicely. This post it holders can still hold the normal post-its.

I'm In the process on doing up my shop on blogspot only because the previous web I use is giving me problems. I'll post the link when I'm done but I've been a little busy these few days so I might take a while.

Anyway, I'm going to up a list of things that I need to buy cause I'm going to shop for more craft supplies this wednesday with my friend and I am really excited cause I haven't been shopping for them for a while. I'll probably do a haul post on the things I bought so till then...SMILES!


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    1. I bought them online at qoo10. I can't remeber the shop name but if you typw post-it it should come out!