Thursday, November 22, 2012

DIY: Earring holder

Storing my earrings has always been a problem form me. Putting them back on their packaging after using takes up to much space especially when you have lots of earrings. Storing them all in one container is also not an option as it will take time to look for the earrings that I want.

I personally find it difficult to find a nice earring holder and even so they are far to expensive and I can't bear to buy them. So I came up with a way to make a cute earring holder for myself.
This will be the earring holder that I am going to show you how to make. It's really easy and inexpensive. Let's get started!
Time: Depending on individual

Tools needed: Photo frame (It has to be a double sided as seen in the picture. I got mine from Ikea.)
                         Foam sheet
                         Acrylic paint
                         Container (To hold the water)
                         Cabochons (Can be replaced with stickers)
                         Epoxy glue (or any glue that is strong)
                         One piece of used paper
We are going to start with decorating the frame first. Using the cabochons, placed them where you want them to be. This step is very important it helps you to see how you want your holder to look like.
When you are done with the planning, Get your epoxy glue (You can use UHU glue or any glue that is strong enough) and squeeze it onto your paper. Get a toothpick to help yout with the glue.
Use the toothpick and put enough glue to cover up the place that you will be sticking it on. Don't put too much as you don't want to see the glue. The planning helps to see which areas you need to add glue on.
Slowly stick the cabochons piece by piece. Avoid putting the glue on the photo frame as you will be able to see the glue. Leave the frame lying down until the glue is dried. I made a mistake by putting it and the cabochons slipped off. Silly me.
After you are done with the cabochons, you can add words to your frame like you name or a word you like. Get your foam sheet and draw out the words that you want. Draw a line below to as a guide for you to draw the alphabets.
Stick the words where you want it to be. Same thing put the glue on the words and not on the frame.
Adding the rhinestones can be tricky as they are really small. Use the toothpick and place small dots on the frame at places you want the rhinestones to be. use your finger and press it on the the rhinestones and place it on the glue dots and it should stick. A trick for those who find it hard with tweezers.
Don't forget the stand as well. but remember to place the frame on the stand first so you know where the front is.
Get your acrylic paint and your brushes and start painting any design that you want.
We are almost done. All we have to do is add the foam to hold on to the earrings.
Get a foam sheet (any colour you want), taking the plastic from the frame that holds on to the photos, place it on the foam.
Trace the outline with a pencil and cut it out.
Slip the foam in and your done. You now have a one and only earring holder. This will be a great addition to your table as it's not boring looking.
Now place all your earrings, the dangle ones as well as the ear studs. I'm running out of space for my previous one and now I have another to keep my earrings. I suggest changing the foam occasionally as it's more hygienic.

You must be thinking how is this inexpensive when i used so many things. You don't have to specially buy the things to decorate. Search your house for buttons, ribbons and even stickers or grab your paint and makers and start being creative. Simple.

These earring holders make great gifts as well. So get crafty already.

*I do customisations for these things email me at for any enquires. Prices ranges from SGD$25 toSGD$40 depending on the things used. No painting though only the rhinestones and cabochons.


  1. what a nice tutorial. i should try it one :D
    thanks for posting

    1. Thank you for your nice comment! I'm glad you liked it. Have fun and do stay tune for more crafts!

  2. where do you buy the epoxy glue? i live in singapore!