Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Terrarium" adventure

I've been wanting to get a terrarium ever since I saw some pictures and a video on it. Thus together with my friend, we went on an adventure.

It started out around the time near CNY when we decided to head down to Ikea to get the plants and the containers. However, the plants available were mostly cactus and I wasn't to fond of pricking myself although I like how they look. The other plants either had dents on them or the plants was falling apart.

We went down to several places but because of the CNY period, plants brought in were for the festive season. We ended up not getting anything, not even the container.

Around three weeks later (which was yesterday), we finally went down to Ikea to choose our plants. I must say it was a success this time!
There were a lot more to choose from and they looked a lot healthier. I manage to choose two plants from the lot. Wanted to go with three but finally decided that three might be two many. Both of us ended up choosing the same plants.
After Ikea, we headed down to Daiso at City Square Mall. But..... how come the Daiso here so classy one. It's different from their usual colour theme but looks like a.... pub?
These are the two plants that I have chosen. Cute right? I love it. 
The sand and container that I got from daiso. I bought the pink sand while Jing Na got the yellow one. We got the same container. Now it's time for me to start!
 I had flowers left from my previously so I wanted to use them here. I initially wanted to place the flowers at the side and glue it down. Then I realise that the sand will cover the flowers but tried it anyway. In the end, I waste time and some sand while trying to pour it back.
This is how the sand looks from the top view. Its really fine and enough to fit my container. Love the pastel colour.

I used a scoop to pour in the sand slowly to avoid spilling. I recommend putting a newspaper under so that all the sills and dirt will not mess your table up.
Filled about one third of the container.
I manage to separate the plant from the pot. I made a small space in the sand and placed it where I want it to be.
Put the other plant in it and using the scoop I slowly placed the sand in and decorated it with flowers. It looks really pretty.
To add on to it, I used two small clay figurines, a bear and mushroom which I made some time back. I placed them on the empty spot and I love how it looks. I feel all fuzzy inside. Now picture spam time!
The visible soil adds a little gradient effect to it. But I don't think its a terrarium anymore. I think the plant should be in the container instead of being right at the top but oh wells, I like it.
This is Jing Na's terrarium. Look at her so artsy with her photo taking with the rice cooker behind. Her terrarium looks more simple and has desert feel to it. She wants to redo it though saying its not stable.

Everything was fruitful and i had fun making it. You guys should try it to and you can choose to decorate it any way you want. So I'll end this post with .....
...THIS!!!! (Yeah I'm proud of myself it)

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