Monday, November 19, 2012

Paper Paper Goods

Hello! I've been working on different things with paper this two days. I made post-it holders, cards as well as bookmarks.

Although I'm into scrapbooking, it is a very costly hobby. For example, decorations like flowers and buttons can be up to $9 for only a few pieces and stamps can cost $12 even for the smallest stamp.

So, I turn to cheaper options to satisfy my obsession for crafting. I used mostly stickers, scrapbooking papers and ribbons as well as some decorations I managed to get at a sale. I'm pretty much pleased with the outcome of the things I did.
Here's an introduction. It's not a lot but this is two days worth of things that I did.
I'll start with these post-it holders first. Post-its are usually plain unless you buy the ones with patterns and pictures on them. These post-it holders immediately bring brightness to them and it also gives you a bigger backing to write on. You know whats the best thing? Its reusable. Every time you finish the stack of post-it, just remove it and slide a new one in. Wouldn't this be a great addition to your boring old desk. I haven't added post-it to some of them cause I have yet to get the post it yet. I'll show you some individual pictures now.
This holder is very simple with the initials P.S.. This design is very simple as I didn't want to have to many things going on it.
 Well, Christmas is coming right. This can be a great Christmas present to someone who works in the office or someone who is always forgetting things (Don't you?).
This is the most simple. I'm planning to give this to someone for her birthday since she really like post-it ans with this backing she won't be losing her post-its so easily.

These holders make great gifts because you can also write a message at the back. You can also stick the written post-it behind as reminders since it will always be on the desk.
Next, will be these cards. The cards are a form of post cards instead of the usually book like one. You will write what you want behind, put it in an envelope and give it to the person you want to give to.
This birthday card is super girly yet simple. Add a heartwarming message behind and surprise that birthday girl.
This Christmas card did not look like this add first. I ruined it with green pen while trying to draw something. The ink wasn't coming out so I shook it but too hard and the ink.....splattered all over so I had to redo it. But the card came out well the second time. I wrote the word on it *Flicks hair*.
This has to be my favourite one of all. I love the scrapbook paper. I love the words. I love the snowflake. I just love it!!!
Last but not least is the bookmarks. I added word to it to make it more interesting but these are really cute. I didn't make a lot though. I only decided to make bookmarks cause my sister really loves reading so she kind of inspired me to make these.

I'm not really in to reading. The only books I really read are the Harry Potter books but I haven't got down to the last one. Maybe I should or just watch the movie?

But these will be nice for people who like reading to have a nice bookmark since there is hardly any colour on a book and people shouldn't doggy ear it cause its not nice for the book owner or even for the next person who is going to read it if you borrowed it from the library.

Okay, enough rambling. I had lots of fun and I hope you guys liked it. I will be posting a tutorial soon on DIY Earring holder. Nothing fancy, just very simple to do and its just my way to keep my earrings. I actually did do a post on my earring holder. But I'm going to do it differently this time. Stay tune!

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