Friday, November 16, 2012

I'll miss you all

The day that I did not want to arrive finally came. Yup, that's today. Today is the day day I bid farewell to my lovely K2 kids. It has been a crazy year and they have been through so much with me. They were my only class. They waited for me for a month cause of my sore eyes and they helped me pass my practicum. They did a fabulous job for their concert and gave me a great birthday present by doing so.  ( I won't be posting their photos for various reasons)

I told myself that crying was a no no this year cause I was a waterfall last year. The kids didn't look sad at first so I refuse to let a drop of tear fall from my eyes. But then one my girl started crying and my water tap opened. One by one the kids started crying or became upset and told me not to open the door.

I'm going to miss them so much.

Another thing is that it is my last day of work today and I actually liked the place except for a few people who is permanently stepping on my long tail. If it wasn't for the fact that I felt unappreciated there I wouldn't have left. I'm not going to go on about how much problems that place gave me cause I appriciated significant people there as well as a few more although they piss me off sometimes.

I won't talk more about but I'll just put a post that I posted on my facebook which summarized how I feel.

I am glad that I managed to make little gifts for everyone before I left. It was nice seeing the happy faces of everyone who received my gifts.

The boys and the teachers got their names made of clay while the girls each got a ribbon hair clip.

This was what I made for all the teachers. Sadly, I didn't know the Lao shi names so I made other things for them. What? I call all of them Lao shi.
 These are all the names of the teachers. All customed made.
These are all for the boys in the class.
These are all for the girls. I Know how vain they are so I made one for each of them. Lucky draw for the girls.
Everyone loved it so much and I received gifts from them as well. I'm going miss everyone there.

The decorations are up, christmas is on its way. Are you guys ready?

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