Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Floral nails

Did my nails for my upcoming birthday (Which is tomorrow) as well as the Kid's graduation concert (Which is also tomorrow :)). So I wanted to pamper myself with nice nails. Can right? Altought I'll be back stage all the time. SInce my dress was going to be a floral print dress, I wanted to make my nails floral too. But I didn't want to use stickers this time, cause I kinda wanted to show off *blush*.

I saw this tutorial online(I'll post it below later) and wanted to give it go but never really got a chance to do it. This was the result after almost an hour.

I love it!!! It doesn't look the best but at least they do look like roses. It's so cute and I tone it down a little by using and light base. Its going to suit my dress for tomorrow. I can also show off to people now especially the kids since they are amazed always amazed by things. I can have nice nails too!

Here's the video tutorial that I followed. Let's all have gorgeous nails!

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