Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update: Post-it holders

Remember my post on paper paper goods where I showed the different post-it holders? At that time they didn't have the post-it on yet because I haven't gotten the post-its yet. There's a reason to why I took a long time to get them. I didn't want the plain old post-its, soooo.............this is what I got!
These are the post-its that I got. Aren't they adorable. I bought more for myself and did you know you can also use these for making cards and scrapbooking.
These is how they look like on the post-it holders. Cute right?! I'm so glad they blend in really nicely. This post it holders can still hold the normal post-its.

I'm In the process on doing up my shop on blogspot only because the previous web I use is giving me problems. I'll post the link when I'm done but I've been a little busy these few days so I might take a while.

Anyway, I'm going to up a list of things that I need to buy cause I'm going to shop for more craft supplies this wednesday with my friend and I am really excited cause I haven't been shopping for them for a while. I'll probably do a haul post on the things I bought so till then...SMILES!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

DIY: Earring holder

Storing my earrings has always been a problem form me. Putting them back on their packaging after using takes up to much space especially when you have lots of earrings. Storing them all in one container is also not an option as it will take time to look for the earrings that I want.

I personally find it difficult to find a nice earring holder and even so they are far to expensive and I can't bear to buy them. So I came up with a way to make a cute earring holder for myself.
This will be the earring holder that I am going to show you how to make. It's really easy and inexpensive. Let's get started!
Time: Depending on individual

Tools needed: Photo frame (It has to be a double sided as seen in the picture. I got mine from Ikea.)
                         Foam sheet
                         Acrylic paint
                         Container (To hold the water)
                         Cabochons (Can be replaced with stickers)
                         Epoxy glue (or any glue that is strong)
                         One piece of used paper
We are going to start with decorating the frame first. Using the cabochons, placed them where you want them to be. This step is very important it helps you to see how you want your holder to look like.
When you are done with the planning, Get your epoxy glue (You can use UHU glue or any glue that is strong enough) and squeeze it onto your paper. Get a toothpick to help yout with the glue.
Use the toothpick and put enough glue to cover up the place that you will be sticking it on. Don't put too much as you don't want to see the glue. The planning helps to see which areas you need to add glue on.
Slowly stick the cabochons piece by piece. Avoid putting the glue on the photo frame as you will be able to see the glue. Leave the frame lying down until the glue is dried. I made a mistake by putting it and the cabochons slipped off. Silly me.
After you are done with the cabochons, you can add words to your frame like you name or a word you like. Get your foam sheet and draw out the words that you want. Draw a line below to as a guide for you to draw the alphabets.
Stick the words where you want it to be. Same thing put the glue on the words and not on the frame.
Adding the rhinestones can be tricky as they are really small. Use the toothpick and place small dots on the frame at places you want the rhinestones to be. use your finger and press it on the the rhinestones and place it on the glue dots and it should stick. A trick for those who find it hard with tweezers.
Don't forget the stand as well. but remember to place the frame on the stand first so you know where the front is.
Get your acrylic paint and your brushes and start painting any design that you want.
We are almost done. All we have to do is add the foam to hold on to the earrings.
Get a foam sheet (any colour you want), taking the plastic from the frame that holds on to the photos, place it on the foam.
Trace the outline with a pencil and cut it out.
Slip the foam in and your done. You now have a one and only earring holder. This will be a great addition to your table as it's not boring looking.
Now place all your earrings, the dangle ones as well as the ear studs. I'm running out of space for my previous one and now I have another to keep my earrings. I suggest changing the foam occasionally as it's more hygienic.

You must be thinking how is this inexpensive when i used so many things. You don't have to specially buy the things to decorate. Search your house for buttons, ribbons and even stickers or grab your paint and makers and start being creative. Simple.

These earring holders make great gifts as well. So get crafty already.

*I do customisations for these things email me at hutofpresents@hotmail.com for any enquires. Prices ranges from SGD$25 toSGD$40 depending on the things used. No painting though only the rhinestones and cabochons.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Paper Paper Goods

Hello! I've been working on different things with paper this two days. I made post-it holders, cards as well as bookmarks.

Although I'm into scrapbooking, it is a very costly hobby. For example, decorations like flowers and buttons can be up to $9 for only a few pieces and stamps can cost $12 even for the smallest stamp.

So, I turn to cheaper options to satisfy my obsession for crafting. I used mostly stickers, scrapbooking papers and ribbons as well as some decorations I managed to get at a sale. I'm pretty much pleased with the outcome of the things I did.
Here's an introduction. It's not a lot but this is two days worth of things that I did.
I'll start with these post-it holders first. Post-its are usually plain unless you buy the ones with patterns and pictures on them. These post-it holders immediately bring brightness to them and it also gives you a bigger backing to write on. You know whats the best thing? Its reusable. Every time you finish the stack of post-it, just remove it and slide a new one in. Wouldn't this be a great addition to your boring old desk. I haven't added post-it to some of them cause I have yet to get the post it yet. I'll show you some individual pictures now.
This holder is very simple with the initials P.S.. This design is very simple as I didn't want to have to many things going on it.
 Well, Christmas is coming right. This can be a great Christmas present to someone who works in the office or someone who is always forgetting things (Don't you?).
This is the most simple. I'm planning to give this to someone for her birthday since she really like post-it ans with this backing she won't be losing her post-its so easily.

These holders make great gifts because you can also write a message at the back. You can also stick the written post-it behind as reminders since it will always be on the desk.
Next, will be these cards. The cards are a form of post cards instead of the usually book like one. You will write what you want behind, put it in an envelope and give it to the person you want to give to.
This birthday card is super girly yet simple. Add a heartwarming message behind and surprise that birthday girl.
This Christmas card did not look like this add first. I ruined it with green pen while trying to draw something. The ink wasn't coming out so I shook it but too hard and the ink.....splattered all over so I had to redo it. But the card came out well the second time. I wrote the word on it *Flicks hair*.
This has to be my favourite one of all. I love the scrapbook paper. I love the words. I love the snowflake. I just love it!!!
Last but not least is the bookmarks. I added word to it to make it more interesting but these are really cute. I didn't make a lot though. I only decided to make bookmarks cause my sister really loves reading so she kind of inspired me to make these.

I'm not really in to reading. The only books I really read are the Harry Potter books but I haven't got down to the last one. Maybe I should or just watch the movie?

But these will be nice for people who like reading to have a nice bookmark since there is hardly any colour on a book and people shouldn't doggy ear it cause its not nice for the book owner or even for the next person who is going to read it if you borrowed it from the library.

Okay, enough rambling. I had lots of fun and I hope you guys liked it. I will be posting a tutorial soon on DIY Earring holder. Nothing fancy, just very simple to do and its just my way to keep my earrings. I actually did do a post on my earring holder. But I'm going to do it differently this time. Stay tune!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

DIY: Desk organizer

A few days back, I came across a video on how to create a desk organizer using boxes. As you know, I love making things so I had to try it out no matter what. Plus I also needed something to help me hold on to my crafting tools.

I went around the house looking for boxes cause I never had the habit of keeping empty boxes. I finally manage to find the boxes that I needed from things that I have not opened. So people start keeping these small boxes cause just might need them to save money on things that you can DIY.

I started fitting the boxes to the shoe box cover and this part was pretty tricky cause I wanted them to all fit nicely.
These are the different shape boxes that I used for my desk organizer. I managed to squeeze the boxes in nicely but there are some small gaps in the center but its not a problem.

The next step is to beautify your boxes. You can choose to paint it or wrap it in paper just like how I learn from the video. But I was to lazy to wrap or paint so I used those beautiful tape that I bought from daiso to wrap around the box and I'm really happy with how it came out.
I find it much easier to use the tap and the prints are really nice too. Because the boxes are all squares or rectangles, it makes it all the better.

After I was done wrapping, I used the glue gun to stick all the boxes into place on the shoe box cover and I'm done!
 I'm super please with how it looks like and to make it cuter, I added a bow ith a stitch cabochon on the base!
It's so nice and I really love it. It's inexpensive and not difficult to do at all. It took me around one and a half hours. The tricky part is having to arrange the boxes to fit the shoe box cover and wrapping the boxes which requires a lot of patience.
I got down to arranging my craft tools and everything fits in nicely with extra space.

I manage to fit most of my things in and the different heights are just nice for my things. You can choose the cut the box for a shorter height thats what good about DIY. It's your choice.
     I added dividers for the longer box at the back ao I have more space to put my things. 
One box is dedicated all for my clay tools. Can you spot the hello kitties? Its an order fro one of my customers but she hasn't called to pick it up yet.
I might just make another one of these desk organizer since its easy and really. Its saves you the money from buying one. I'll post the video tutorial below on how to create this desk organizer. Its by makoccinos. She has lots of other interesting DIY projects as well.

Friday, November 16, 2012

I'll miss you all

The day that I did not want to arrive finally came. Yup, that's today. Today is the day day I bid farewell to my lovely K2 kids. It has been a crazy year and they have been through so much with me. They were my only class. They waited for me for a month cause of my sore eyes and they helped me pass my practicum. They did a fabulous job for their concert and gave me a great birthday present by doing so.  ( I won't be posting their photos for various reasons)

I told myself that crying was a no no this year cause I was a waterfall last year. The kids didn't look sad at first so I refuse to let a drop of tear fall from my eyes. But then one my girl started crying and my water tap opened. One by one the kids started crying or became upset and told me not to open the door.

I'm going to miss them so much.

Another thing is that it is my last day of work today and I actually liked the place except for a few people who is permanently stepping on my long tail. If it wasn't for the fact that I felt unappreciated there I wouldn't have left. I'm not going to go on about how much problems that place gave me cause I appriciated significant people there as well as a few more although they piss me off sometimes.

I won't talk more about but I'll just put a post that I posted on my facebook which summarized how I feel.

I am glad that I managed to make little gifts for everyone before I left. It was nice seeing the happy faces of everyone who received my gifts.

The boys and the teachers got their names made of clay while the girls each got a ribbon hair clip.

This was what I made for all the teachers. Sadly, I didn't know the Lao shi names so I made other things for them. What? I call all of them Lao shi.
 These are all the names of the teachers. All customed made.
These are all for the boys in the class.
These are all for the girls. I Know how vain they are so I made one for each of them. Lucky draw for the girls.
Everyone loved it so much and I received gifts from them as well. I'm going miss everyone there.

The decorations are up, christmas is on its way. Are you guys ready?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Floral nails

Did my nails for my upcoming birthday (Which is tomorrow) as well as the Kid's graduation concert (Which is also tomorrow :)). So I wanted to pamper myself with nice nails. Can right? Altought I'll be back stage all the time. SInce my dress was going to be a floral print dress, I wanted to make my nails floral too. But I didn't want to use stickers this time, cause I kinda wanted to show off *blush*.

I saw this tutorial online(I'll post it below later) and wanted to give it go but never really got a chance to do it. This was the result after almost an hour.

I love it!!! It doesn't look the best but at least they do look like roses. It's so cute and I tone it down a little by using and light base. Its going to suit my dress for tomorrow. I can also show off to people now especially the kids since they are amazed always amazed by things. I can have nice nails too!

Here's the video tutorial that I followed. Let's all have gorgeous nails!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Movie: Pitch Perfect

I met up with my friend the other day with the main objective of catching a movie. We were going to watch 'The perks of being a wallflower' at first only because we didn't know what other movies there were to watch but we ended up watching Pitch Perfect.
Ridiculous story of how we ended up watching this awesome show. We first when to Ang Mo Kio but they weren't showing the show we wanted to watch. We decided to go to douby ghuat instead since there will be two cinemas there which we will be able to choose from. But we decided to check which cinema is showing 'The perks of being a wallflower' and cineleisure was the only place showing. Looking at the time we only had half an hour to travel to cineleisure but we decided to go anyway. When we finnaly reached, guess what? Long queue. One counter open only. Only10 minutes more to the show.

Just as we were about to reach, another counter opened and I rushed there like crazy but  there were only two seats left and they were away from each other. Who wants to watch a movie seated away from each other. So we ended up with pitch perfect since we already felt so stupid having to run here and there just to watch a movie. BUT BUT BUT IT WAS AN AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!

What I think about the show

I'll rate it a 4/5 stars.The singing was great so was the acting. I never thought that accapella could sound so awesome. The songs they sung using accapella were not song that I though could be used. I always assumed that accapella could only be sung with soothing songs. But the could do songs like 'Party in the USA' and 'Right Round'.

My favourite character on the show has to be Fat Amy. My favourite line from her ' You guys are going to get pitch slap so hard, your man boobs are going to concave.' I love that line and I don't know why. Then there's this girl that pukes like disgusting when she nervous. You can hear everyone cringe and bleah when she does that.

Everyone should really watch this show cause from the start to the end you can hear everyone laughing. The reason for taking away 1 star is cause of the ending but I wanted that guy to come back as a failure for ditching them and come back for auditions where later no one is going to accept him. But its still a great show to catch!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flower bouquet clay tutorial

Here's a tutorial on how to create a flower bouquet with clay.The flower bouquet is similar to the one in my previous post where the boy is holding on to. So let's get started!!

This will be how the final product will look like.

Time: 15-30 minutes

Tools needed: Small cutter
                        A needle tool
                        Pink,Green, brown and Purple clay (or any colour you want)
                        Liquid sculpey (Optional)
                        Glaze (Optional)
                        Brush (Optional)
                        An eye pin

The first part would be making the purple flowers. See the brown arrow pointing to the flower? That would be the flower that we will be making first.
First step to making the flower is taking a small piece of clay and roll it to a ball. Gently roll it to make it longer and flatten it. Follow the picture above.

Place the flatten piece of on your finger and gently roll it with your thumb from one end to the other. You should be able to get the flower. Be really patience at this part. Press the ends lightly to create a small 'stem' for it so it will be easier when you put the flowers together.

Create 3 of the same flower and place them together like the picture above. Put this 3 flower away at the side cause we are going to to be doing the next flower. REMINDER: Put your purple flowers away from where your hands will be working cause you don't want to be squashing them. I'm guilty of that *Blush*.

The arrow pointing to the pink flower will be the next flower we are working on. I sincerely apologise for the blur picture. I couldn't contain my excitement which resulted in shaky hands hands thus a blur picture.
To create this flower you will have to roll small little balls of pink clay like the one above the picture.

After you have rolled the balls, you will then have to place them together like the photo above. Line three small balls into a triangle shape and slowly stack it up. Put one small ball in the center to finish it off. Be really really patience. However, you can choose not to do this flower if you don't want to.

Place the pink flower in between two purple flower.....
....And this is what you should get.
Make more of the purple flowers and just go around it once to make a whole bunch of flowers.
Next, take a piece of green clay and flatten it........

......Using your pointer and thumb, pinch the top lightly.......
............and this is what you will get.

Using the small cutter, lightly press down and make one long line in the center and three small ones at each side. Remember not to press to hard!
Place the leaf that you have just made at the side. It has to stick out as shown in the picture.
Make the next leaf and overlap the previous leaf just by a little.
You have to make around five leaves.

To make the bottom of the bouquet, make a little bal and roll the bottom to make the top part smaller than the bottom.
Press the top and the bottom down lightly to make it flat.

Be very gentle with this part cause you might ruin the flower if you press to hard. You don't want to redo everything after coming so far.
Now we have reached the ribbon part! We are almost done! Take a samll piece of brown clay and roll into a long strand.

Place it around the part that seperates the top and bottom area.

To make the bow, make a small piece of clay and shape it to a small triangle shape.
Make two of this and stick them together.....

....and place on small ball in the middle.

Put the bow like how its shown in the picture above. We are almost there!!!!

Stick the eye pin in.......

.....bake (According to the instructions on the clay wrapper) and glaze it....
....AND WE ARE DONE!!!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this turorial and have fun creating your own flower bouquet.