Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Video tutorial: Cute little mushroom

Hey all! I made another video tutorial on a little mushroom. This mushroom was actually one of my first few creations when I started plymer clay and I still simply adore it right till now.
My little mushroom.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Video Tutorial: Teddy's present

Hello all. I've something to tell you all today! I recently created a YouTube account to post video tutorial especially polymer clay tutorials cause a lot of photos are need for them. I guess it can also help you to see how certain steps are done.

I had lots of problems filming the first one because of my camera as well as when I was editing the video cause I have never done so before. You won't here my voice only because I find it awkward talking to the camera. I've tried and trust me. It didn't turn out great.

Well, it's my first time so please do tell me what you think about. Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more. But be for the video here's a picture of what I will be teaching you.
Cute? Well, here's the video!

Hope you enjoy it:)!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY: Deco mirror

I recently purchased a hand held mirror from daiso to put it in my class when I need it (so I don't have to walk all the way to the toilet). Knowing me I wouldn't leave it undecorated. I grabbed my cabochons and started straight at work.

WARNING: This isn't the cheapest way to decorate your things. Don't say I didn't warn you. Do this only if you are willing to spent the money.

I add on suggestions on cheaper methods later. Let's get started!
Things you need:
-Clay canes

-Icing tip
-Plastic bag

Start of by getting your mirror and placing your cabochons on the top. This is to help you decide on your design. You can choose to do impromptu but if you ruin it, that's it.
This process can take quite a while so be patient. Take a picture of it for you to refer. You final product might end up exactly like you plan cause there bound to be changes as you make.
After your done deciding, place the icing tip at the tip by cutting a small hole at the side. Tape it down and fill it with silicone.
Start of with the boarder. Do this slowly and use the same amount of strength to make sure that it is consistent, Fill in the center. You can choose the same way as the boarder to fill the center but I went with this method cause it's less time consuming and it will be covered by the cabochons. Proceed to putting your cabochons and remember to refer back to the pictures you took.

Now for the final product!
DONE! Just be aware that using this many cabochons will make the mirror heavy thus not very suitable to be brought everywhere.

But here are some ways to lighten it as well as a cheaper way to do so:
-Head down to the beads shop and get different kinds of beads that you adore. Minimise the number of cabochons used and use beads instead.
-Use any old figurines or charms from your jewellery that you do not wear any more instead of buying them.
-Make the border at the side bigger and decorate it with rhinestones and clay canes instead.,. Place cabochons only in the center.
-Get some clay and make your own cabochons!

Sorry for uploading this so late cause I've been down with the flu. Like our facebook page for regular updates!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I can make a bear too!

I always wanted to make a bear when I was younger but could never do it cause I didn't know how to sew nor use a sewing machine. I got the materials needed cause my father offered to help me make one but he never got around doing it. Thus, the materials stayed in my drawers for the longest time.

My father finally taught me to use the sewing machine a few years back but I continued sitting on the idea of making my bear. I finally had the urge and mood to make one so I went round searching for a suitable bear template online. My mother even told me "you sure you know how to make it." Well, If I don't try I never know.

My first attempt wasn't much of a success because stupid me decided to hand sew it instead of using the sewing machine which I was capable of using. I hand sewed the whole bear and had to struggle with the body and all. Being my first time, I wasn't sure how to do it so I did it anyhow hoping it would turn out right. Wanna see the picture? See it now!
HAHAHAHA!!! Don't blame you if you laughed. Looks like what? A flying monkey with a bear head. Eh, but if you look at it another way, it's not bad right. Looks unique, it's hand sewn, you will never find another like this. If you are wondering about the hands I sew it the wrong what and only realised like after I stuffed everything.

Okay now moving on to the next bear. I wanted to make a proper bear like really a proper bear. I went to find another template cause I crushed my old template completely blaming it for the plight of my previous bear (I'm slowly liking it though :)).  As soon as I found it I started straight away, taking pictures of the process this time.
This is the template that I found online. It's called baby 'pip'.
Cut out the parts on a pink floral pattern that I really like. Some parts required two or three more pieces.
I kinda forgot to take picture of the other parts that I sew cause I got two excited. I took a picture of getting ready to sew the head. By far I feel, the hardest part of the body. I had to re-sew certain parts and I mean removing the thread again.
Yes! I used the sewing machine this time. The light makes the picture dark but I'm working in bright light.
Fixed the ears nose and mouth. Stuffed the face to add in the eyes. I used felt for the nose.You are going to see a few missing steps cause I got too excited but mainly also this is not a tutorial. I had to go online to search on tutorials on how to sew the bear but there wasn't really one that I could follow cause they either used materials I didn't have or their bear was different. I ended up taking ideas from all the different tutorials to make this bear.
Stuffed the body to see where I should place the hands and legs before sewing them on. Looking good yeah.
Managed to attach the arms and legs. They aren't attach too tightly though. I'm afraid they might come off. Regret that I didn't sew a few more times.
And here's my bear! It looks a lot better than I expected since its only my second attempt. Added a ribbon on the neck. Did I mention I hand sew the head to the body cause the opening was to small to fit?  I am going to make another one soon. Super proud of it! Picture bomb time!
So, which one to you prefer?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Terrarium" adventure

I've been wanting to get a terrarium ever since I saw some pictures and a video on it. Thus together with my friend, we went on an adventure.

It started out around the time near CNY when we decided to head down to Ikea to get the plants and the containers. However, the plants available were mostly cactus and I wasn't to fond of pricking myself although I like how they look. The other plants either had dents on them or the plants was falling apart.

We went down to several places but because of the CNY period, plants brought in were for the festive season. We ended up not getting anything, not even the container.

Around three weeks later (which was yesterday), we finally went down to Ikea to choose our plants. I must say it was a success this time!
There were a lot more to choose from and they looked a lot healthier. I manage to choose two plants from the lot. Wanted to go with three but finally decided that three might be two many. Both of us ended up choosing the same plants.
After Ikea, we headed down to Daiso at City Square Mall. But..... how come the Daiso here so classy one. It's different from their usual colour theme but looks like a.... pub?
These are the two plants that I have chosen. Cute right? I love it. 
The sand and container that I got from daiso. I bought the pink sand while Jing Na got the yellow one. We got the same container. Now it's time for me to start!
 I had flowers left from my previously so I wanted to use them here. I initially wanted to place the flowers at the side and glue it down. Then I realise that the sand will cover the flowers but tried it anyway. In the end, I waste time and some sand while trying to pour it back.
This is how the sand looks from the top view. Its really fine and enough to fit my container. Love the pastel colour.

I used a scoop to pour in the sand slowly to avoid spilling. I recommend putting a newspaper under so that all the sills and dirt will not mess your table up.
Filled about one third of the container.
I manage to separate the plant from the pot. I made a small space in the sand and placed it where I want it to be.
Put the other plant in it and using the scoop I slowly placed the sand in and decorated it with flowers. It looks really pretty.
To add on to it, I used two small clay figurines, a bear and mushroom which I made some time back. I placed them on the empty spot and I love how it looks. I feel all fuzzy inside. Now picture spam time!
The visible soil adds a little gradient effect to it. But I don't think its a terrarium anymore. I think the plant should be in the container instead of being right at the top but oh wells, I like it.
This is Jing Na's terrarium. Look at her so artsy with her photo taking with the rice cooker behind. Her terrarium looks more simple and has desert feel to it. She wants to redo it though saying its not stable.

Everything was fruitful and i had fun making it. You guys should try it to and you can choose to decorate it any way you want. So I'll end this post with .....
...THIS!!!! (Yeah I'm proud of myself it)

Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY:Braided charms necklace

Hello! It's been a while. I haven't been able to post tutorials lately as frequently as I want because by the time I reach home from work I'm totally shagged and my body refuses to separate from my bed. I haven't been able to get any rest or even my lunch break because I have to take the classes for the whole day.

Anyway, I'm back with a super easy and great necklace tutorial. You can do this as long as you can braid.
This necklace is great for everyday wear and match your outfits easily. Let's get started! 

Time: 15 mins
Things you need:
-3 different strings of different tones (Two thin, one thick)
-Jump rings
-One charm
First off, get the two different brown sting and cut three each of the same length. Be sure to measure around you neck first and cut around 10 to 15 cm more of the original length cause you will be braiding and adding the clasp at the end. Excess string can be cut away so better to be save than sorry. Cut only one of the thick string the same length as the others.
This is the clasp we will be using to hold the string together.
Put the string together and secure them.
Spilt the three different string and braid the two brown strings separately.
After braiding the two brown string, braid all of them together.
Secure the ends together with the same clasp. Do remember to measure if it is the correct length before cutting the excess string away. Add the hook at the end using the jump ring.
Take the charm that you have chosen. As mine does not have a hook, I use wire to attach it to the chain. Feel free to use  a jump ring if your jump has hooks.
Attach the charm to the necklace.
Twist the excess wire around and secure it tight. Ensure that the ends are not poking out.
And we are done!

Hopefully this tutorial was easy to do. Feel free to use ribbon and sewing thread if you can't find some of the materials. The necklace will also turn out thicker. Use more strings to make the necklace thicker.

You can also use charms from old necklaces. Although I added beads in the materials, I decided not to use them as I liked how it looked already. Pardon the small pictures cause I can't enlarge it as the bar isn't there for me to do so.

I'll be out tomorrow in an adventure to create a terrarium. Will blog about my adventure when I'm done. Till then!