Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY:Cabochon bag charm

I'm going to show you how to make this really cute bag charm using cabochons. It's a great accessory to for your bag. It's super easy to do and can be great presents as well. Let's get started!
Things you need: Glue gun
                             Cabochons (From Sophie and Toffee)
                             Strings (One thick and one thin
                             Bag hook
                             Super glue
Taking the thicker string, measure how long you want your bag charm to be. If you want it to be 13 cm long, you have to measure your string to 26 cm (2 times the length). Do not cut the string yet.
At 26 cm, make a small loop like this.
Cut the string at where the end is. The string that you cut should be 52 cm long.

Get the thinner string and cut one of the string at 52cm and the other at 26 cm as seen in the picture.
You have to cut 3 thick string of the same length and two thin ones at 52 and 26 cm.

Put all the strings together land tie a loop so it looks like the picture (Ginseng?). Divide the strings into three parts. Each part has to have three strings.
Braid each part like in the picture. Use a peg to hold the ends.
When you are done braiding all parts, It should look like this.
Taking the light brown strings, twist it like so.
Using the dark brown string, wrap it around the light brown strings.
Use one peg and hold it altogether.
Cut a small piece of light brown string, and tie it at the end to secure it.
Tie it around a few times going back and forth and cut the remaining ends away.
Take the super glue and dap it around the knot a few times to secure it.
And you are done with the base. Now its time to make it look cute!
Place your cabochons around and plan where you want to place them on the string. I'm using cabochons from Sophie and toffee. They offer a wide variety of cabochons as well as many other crafts supplies.
Use the glue gun to glue these cabochons down!
Half way done!
After you are done, It should look light this make sure to check they are fully glued down cause you don't want them dropping!
At top hoops, there will be at least three hoops and we don't need so many. so seperate the three hoops. Cut off the two ends leaving only the one in the center
Like so.
Take the bag hook and open the ring attacted to it.
Insert in like so. We are now going to add something to the extra hook at the side.
Take a wire and using the piler,create a small circle.
Like so.
Using another piler with a flat tip, roll on the circle.
 And it should look like this.
Bent in the top part and the wire should look like a 'S' shape.
Attach this to the back of a cabochon using a glue gun.
Hook it on to the extra hook.
And you are done!
Hook this on to your bag and it immediatly brings colour to your bag. Don't worry about it being messy or anything cause this is handmade.
I will be having another turorial up soon on this bag charm It's something similar but not to cutesy for those who prefer simple ones.
I also made a facebook page so please do like and get regular updates and pictures on what I will be doing! Cause my link is so long and hard to remember. So like the page and you won't forget. Hehe :) Facebook page.

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