Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY:Molecule necklace

Hey all, I just came back from my holiday and spent quite a bit cause they were having a sale! But I'm finally back and with a new DIY post so read on!

I was surfing the net for different pictures on accessories and chanced upon this necklace. So I thought "I have to do this." Since I will be doing the necklace why not do a post on how to do this awesome necklace. I went down to Chinatown to get what I need to start on this necklace.
This necklaces are called molecule necklace cause of all the hoops. If you search online, you can actually find more designs.
Let's get started!

Time: 1 hour
Things needed: Hoop beads
                         Chain (1 Meter)
                         Jump rings (2)
                         Lobster clasp (1)
                         Thin wire (any colour)
Take two hoops and put them together.
Using the wire, start to twine it around the two hoops as shown in the picture.
After you have twine the wire around horizontally for a few rounds, using the same wire, move it vertically.
Using the pliers, pull the wire to secure it. cut of the excess wire and use the pliers to press it done cause you don't want to get scratched by wires protruding out.
The wire has to form a cross to hold the two hoops together.
Be sure to attach all the places that the hoops touch each other with the wire.
Try arranging the hoops as you go along so you have a picture of how you want the necklace to be. After you are pleased with the design, attach them with the wire.
When you are done attaching the hoops, it is now time to attach the chain. Measure how long you want the necklace to be and attach the both ends using a wire. (Where the arrow points.)
To attach the chain to the hoop, use the wire and hoop it onto the chain.
Twirl the shorter part of the wire around the longer side.
 Using the longer wire, twine it around the hoop a few times.
Twine the wire around the middle wire between the hoop and the chain to secure it. Cut of the excess wire. Do these few steps for the other side of the chain.
Add a lobster clasp on one side of the chain and a jump ring at the other side of the chain.
And you are done!
Where this necklace with a plain top since the necklace has colours on it.
I hope you guys enjoy this and do leave a comment on what you think. I will be be posting another post on things that I have been working on recently. Have Fun!
* I take no credit for this design.