Saturday, November 17, 2012

DIY: Desk organizer

A few days back, I came across a video on how to create a desk organizer using boxes. As you know, I love making things so I had to try it out no matter what. Plus I also needed something to help me hold on to my crafting tools.

I went around the house looking for boxes cause I never had the habit of keeping empty boxes. I finally manage to find the boxes that I needed from things that I have not opened. So people start keeping these small boxes cause just might need them to save money on things that you can DIY.

I started fitting the boxes to the shoe box cover and this part was pretty tricky cause I wanted them to all fit nicely.
These are the different shape boxes that I used for my desk organizer. I managed to squeeze the boxes in nicely but there are some small gaps in the center but its not a problem.

The next step is to beautify your boxes. You can choose to paint it or wrap it in paper just like how I learn from the video. But I was to lazy to wrap or paint so I used those beautiful tape that I bought from daiso to wrap around the box and I'm really happy with how it came out.
I find it much easier to use the tap and the prints are really nice too. Because the boxes are all squares or rectangles, it makes it all the better.

After I was done wrapping, I used the glue gun to stick all the boxes into place on the shoe box cover and I'm done!
 I'm super please with how it looks like and to make it cuter, I added a bow ith a stitch cabochon on the base!
It's so nice and I really love it. It's inexpensive and not difficult to do at all. It took me around one and a half hours. The tricky part is having to arrange the boxes to fit the shoe box cover and wrapping the boxes which requires a lot of patience.
I got down to arranging my craft tools and everything fits in nicely with extra space.

I manage to fit most of my things in and the different heights are just nice for my things. You can choose the cut the box for a shorter height thats what good about DIY. It's your choice.
     I added dividers for the longer box at the back ao I have more space to put my things. 
One box is dedicated all for my clay tools. Can you spot the hello kitties? Its an order fro one of my customers but she hasn't called to pick it up yet.
I might just make another one of these desk organizer since its easy and really. Its saves you the money from buying one. I'll post the video tutorial below on how to create this desk organizer. Its by makoccinos. She has lots of other interesting DIY projects as well.


  1. Thank you for taking time to make this! I looks awesome!!

  2. Hi! I just read all of your blog posts :3
    Your blog is awesome and since you take the time to do all this stuff i am going to make you your own blog skin and header! I feel really giving today. i am not forcing you to use it or anything, i just want to make people think... 'wow this blog looks amazing! I shall read all the posts and buy her creations' Hehe. I am experienced with this ind of blog stuff although i don't have the time to actually post things onto a blog because i really can't be bothered. I hope you are reading this! Oh and i will post the Photobucket link to it here after i am done. I am feeling creative. ;D you're welcome.-BB (my real name isn't BB i just use it for a nickname, even though my name is Orla and BB has no connection.

    1. That's really nice of you. I've never met someone who would do this for no charge. You just made my day!