Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deco: Iphone cases

I manage to finish my assignment a few days back and had some time to work one some deco cases. Being and iphone user, Of course i would have some extra i phone casings. I got really bored of my previous casing and decided to do a new one.
But then again, I know im going to change my iphone soon, so i decided to make them to sell. So here's the three iphone casings are made that are available for sale.

First casing:
These is the first one i made. It has this huge hello kitty in the centre along with lots of yummy food. Then a bear randomly appears at the end taking hello kitty food away. Or should they become friends? For you to decide.
Just in case your wondering how much this is, here's the details:
I phone casing
Price: $50
Postage fee: Singapore: $1.00/$3.20
Overseas: $5.00
Second casing:
This next casing is simpler as compare to the first one. I wanted the bear to have a liitle bow on its head thus the bow there. A couple of animals are used and flowers added to give it a slight touch of elegance.
Just in case you were wondering how much this is, here's the details:

I phone casing
Price: $48
Postage fee: Singapore: $1.00/$3.20
Overseas: $5.00

Third casing:
This last casing is the most simple. Are my cases getting simpler as I do it? This theme is mainly on food and I use a different cream colour. all I did was mix the cream with some red pastels and this is what I got.
Just in case you were wondering how much this is, here's the details:

I phone casing
Price: $48
Postage fee: Singapore: $1.00/$3.20
Overseas: $5.00

There's my three cases so I'm thinking of setting up an Esty account so that more people can view my products and I think I'm going for it when I change my card to a credit card first. So look out for more of the things I make and *small voice* buy them if you like it okay!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Long long ago

The last time I last blogged was really long long ago.
I've been really busy lately with the moe coming to check one me, doing assignment which are dued next week as well and having to deal with work in school.
Today was the national day celebration and of course all the children were wearing red and white all resembling the national day flag. But the best thing about this celebration? Two hours per class! So I only had children with me for four hours. Great right? It's like having your clients or boss leaving the meeting after half a day.
And just as I thought that work was good, half my classmates didn't come for school so our teacher let us off at 8pm. Enjoying it.
And the best of all, while others get one day off for holiday, I have two days!!! stay at home and do assignment. But you know what? Who cares! I'm happy.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Finally!!!!! MY PTC IS OVER!!!!. I really dread having ptc cause i would have to rush for portfolios, meet parents and get butterflies in my stomach. Some parents were nice to talk to but some makes you nervous with all the questions bombarding at you. And guess guess guess what! Tomorow is th last day of school. Means I am going to have my break soon!!!!!!!

But I still have to rush for my assignments which is going to be dued soon and here I am procrastinating. Plus, mummy doesn't allow me to do my deco because she wants me to focus on my studies. SAD SAD SAD. so I must finish this fast so I can start on my creations and hopefully post up a video on me doing them one day when I finally have the courage to talk to a camera.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Deco: Busy, More, Busy, More

So it was along weekend for me because there was staturday, sunday and monday that i didn't have to work. I got busy with making more decoden( it's been long since i last touched them). Here are some pieces which I made:
The first one i worked on was this jar. If there was a name to give this i would say, 'hello kitty loves food'. Because I added one Hello Kitty with food surrounding her. Initially there wasn't a ribbon on the glass bottle but my mum said it looked kind of naked so I added the ribbon there. So this jar is not meant to put any edible stuff inside. Instead maybe things like your rings, those objects that are small.

This is the first time I worked on a photoframe. I think it turned out quite well but I think I used a little to many cabochons. But i kind of like how it looks like.

This is the second jar which i made and it really different from what i usually make. I had problems with the brown whipped cream and it was suppose to be another design but i changed it because of the whipped cream.

So finally the last one is also a photoframe. I tried to do this one differently using lesser cabochon. I cut out fimo stick pieces and pasted them around the empty area along with rhinestones.

This few works will be available at my shop soon after I work out the prices. Happy holidays!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


So i finally finished making this blog. I Know I know the blogskin doesn't suit my blog name. Autumn and sunshine, it should be full of autumn leaves falling around and a humongous sun at the side or somthing like that. The thing is I don't know how to make a blogskin so I just chose one I really like.
So this blog is going to be about clay creations decoden and my rant about other stuff totally unrelated. Hey it's my blog.