Saturday, December 1, 2012

Craft haul one

This post is going to be what I bought on Wednesday. I bought a couple of things not to many but had a great time buying supplies that I need for some crafts that I want to try. I will do a post on the things I have worked on later. This are the things that I have bought! *beams*.
I bought a couple of charms to make some bracelets. I really like the bronze coloured ones so I bought a couple more of the same colour. See the anchor there? Its actually a button. Super cute!
I only bought one chain and guess what? Regret. I should have bought more. I made a mistake thinking that I had more at home but I didn't. I forgot to bring my list of things to buy as well. Forgetful me!
Some key chains as well as rings.
Threads. But I can't start doing anything with this until I get more chains.
Cords! I guess seeing this you will be able to guess what I am currently learning to do.
Bought beads for the bracelets. I will be doing a tutorial using the hoop like beads inspired by one of the jewellery I saw online. So stay tune!
Last but not least, Ribbons. I chance upon this shop selling these adorable ribbons and I couldn't resist. Who can?
This sums up what I bought overall. I will be going on a holiday and be back by Wednesday and will be working on more crafts and DIY. Will do a post on the things I make as well as the tutorial when I am back!