Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fishy, fishy just for me!

Based on the title, I'm a proud owner of a fish tank and four goldfishes (Or at least I think two of them are). I recently had the sudden urge to keep fishes after seeing how fish tanks can be so nicely decorated.

I did have a fish tank when I was younger and yes it was huge. I was never very much responsible of taking care of them. My role was to choose the fishes and feed them (yes being young I think I actually fed them too much).

After contemplating for a while, I finally got down to convincing my parents to allow me to get a fish tank which I succeeded pretty easily.

I wasn't looking for something big but just a size big enough to place on my desk. Haha getting fishes to fill my lonely heart. Lovely companions who will be there but not make noise to annoy you especially when working on  my things. Its also rather therapeutic to see the fishes swimming around I realised.

I went down to a few places with my parents. I never knew fish tanks were so expensive, I expected it to be cheaper. Along with a small tank smaller than a A4 size paper, a light and filter was almost $45. I finally bought a tank that was around a A3 size paper and a filter for $30.
The light according to the man is only for decoration purpose so I didn't really see the point in buying it. Waste my money and waste electricity. I want a nicer colour for the filter but can only settle for this cause there wasn't any other colour.
I got that fake plant for $3. I wanted to get really plants instead but the man who sold me the tank said that those plants don't last more than three days and the best can only last one week. I got those pebbles from home but I want the the more earth tone pebbles but didn't mange to find them yet. This pebbles didn't even fill half the base!

I didn't get the fishes yet because the man said that I had to run the filter for a day before putting the fish in. I added in the anti-chlorine and run it for a day.
Went down to kovan to get my gold fish. I bought four of them since they were selling 4 for $10. Bought one sucker fish too. My sis made me buy it to suck the algae. I don't see the beauty in sucker fish. For some reason it keeps chasing and "sucking??" my round fishes. Looks wrong. I can't help but entertain thoughts that a new breed of fish might be born. It's like a pervert. Update: I just found out the sucker fish I bought is a chinese algae eater so it cannot be placed with the goldfish cause it will eat their scale or something.
I bought the earth colour pebbles I was looking for, a small house which my sucker fish is currently enjoying and some plant decorations. Excited to start decorating. The food I bought was food flakes.
And here's my fish tank! The pebbles weren't enough so I had to mix it in the end. I might get the pebbles the next time cause I prefer the earth tone pebbles. Love how the plants are looking so I might get more the next time. Slowly add in the decorations. Placed the fishes in and I'm done. My very first bought fish tank. My previous tank was given by someone.
Full view of the tank. Spot the sucker fish. By the way, I need to show you guys something. I picked the fish but didn't realise.
Doesn't this fish look pale? Along with the facial expression, looks like it saw something it shouldn't have.

I might want to get more fishes like other kind of fishes soon.

Do leave any comments or advise for me like why is my sucker fish chasing the rest of them or ways to clean the tank cause I'm still searching online.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY: Mysterious Bridge necklace

I'm finally back with a tutorial and this time it is a necklace. I thought about this idea quite long ago and did a rough sketch on it. I didn't have the materials at that time so I was afraid that I might forget what I wanted to do. True enough, I had to refer back to my drawing when doing this necklace. Enough rambling this is what I'm going to show you what we will be doing today.
This necklace is simple to do but requires various steps so patience is necessary for this project. Take breaks if you get tired.
Things you need:
-Pliers (The three kind as you can see)
-Three different chains (Two different gold chains, one black chain)
-Black flat string
-Silver or white seed beads
-Black wire
-Jump rings
-Gold clasps
-Gold ring
-Super glue

Time: 1 hour or more
First up, get the black wire and create a hoop like above. This is to create the centre part of the necklace.
Put in ten seed beads.
Close it up by creating another ring at the end. Make about 18 of these.
The chain that you cut should be able to hold the 18 seed beads sticks.Each stick must be attach to one ring on the chain. thus your chain has to be 18 ring long. Cut two of the same length.
Get the black string and weave through the chain.
Bend the sting at the end of the chain and put some super glue to keep it down. Do this to both ends.
Using the seed bead stick, attach it it to one of the chain.
Slowly attach each stick to the chain.
Get the lower chain do the same as the one on the top.
After you are done with the top, get the black chain and measure how long you want the chain at the bottom to dangle. Attach the black chain to the gold chain using the jump ring.
The length of the chain should shorten gradually as it moves to the side.

This is how the main piece should look like.
Using the other gold chain, attach it to each side. Measure how long you want your necklace to be before doing any cutting.
Attach the gold clasp and the ring at the end.
And you're done!
This necklace is suitable for formal events and would look great on white dress.Tell me, how and when you will wear this necklace.
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