Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flower bouquet clay tutorial

Here's a tutorial on how to create a flower bouquet with clay.The flower bouquet is similar to the one in my previous post where the boy is holding on to. So let's get started!!

This will be how the final product will look like.

Time: 15-30 minutes

Tools needed: Small cutter
                        A needle tool
                        Pink,Green, brown and Purple clay (or any colour you want)
                        Liquid sculpey (Optional)
                        Glaze (Optional)
                        Brush (Optional)
                        An eye pin

The first part would be making the purple flowers. See the brown arrow pointing to the flower? That would be the flower that we will be making first.
First step to making the flower is taking a small piece of clay and roll it to a ball. Gently roll it to make it longer and flatten it. Follow the picture above.

Place the flatten piece of on your finger and gently roll it with your thumb from one end to the other. You should be able to get the flower. Be really patience at this part. Press the ends lightly to create a small 'stem' for it so it will be easier when you put the flowers together.

Create 3 of the same flower and place them together like the picture above. Put this 3 flower away at the side cause we are going to to be doing the next flower. REMINDER: Put your purple flowers away from where your hands will be working cause you don't want to be squashing them. I'm guilty of that *Blush*.

The arrow pointing to the pink flower will be the next flower we are working on. I sincerely apologise for the blur picture. I couldn't contain my excitement which resulted in shaky hands hands thus a blur picture.
To create this flower you will have to roll small little balls of pink clay like the one above the picture.

After you have rolled the balls, you will then have to place them together like the photo above. Line three small balls into a triangle shape and slowly stack it up. Put one small ball in the center to finish it off. Be really really patience. However, you can choose not to do this flower if you don't want to.

Place the pink flower in between two purple flower.....
....And this is what you should get.
Make more of the purple flowers and just go around it once to make a whole bunch of flowers.
Next, take a piece of green clay and flatten it........

......Using your pointer and thumb, pinch the top lightly.......
............and this is what you will get.

Using the small cutter, lightly press down and make one long line in the center and three small ones at each side. Remember not to press to hard!
Place the leaf that you have just made at the side. It has to stick out as shown in the picture.
Make the next leaf and overlap the previous leaf just by a little.
You have to make around five leaves.

To make the bottom of the bouquet, make a little bal and roll the bottom to make the top part smaller than the bottom.
Press the top and the bottom down lightly to make it flat.

Be very gentle with this part cause you might ruin the flower if you press to hard. You don't want to redo everything after coming so far.
Now we have reached the ribbon part! We are almost done! Take a samll piece of brown clay and roll into a long strand.

Place it around the part that seperates the top and bottom area.

To make the bow, make a small piece of clay and shape it to a small triangle shape.
Make two of this and stick them together.....

....and place on small ball in the middle.

Put the bow like how its shown in the picture above. We are almost there!!!!

Stick the eye pin in.......

.....bake (According to the instructions on the clay wrapper) and glaze it....
....AND WE ARE DONE!!!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this turorial and have fun creating your own flower bouquet.

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