About me

Hi, my name's Geraldine Cassandra Tan, hence the blog name. I'm 21 this year and working as a kindergarten teacher. I created this blog to share what I love and the things I do. Slowly, I started doing tutorials on the things I love making.

DIY and crafts has always been my only hobby and the only thing that has lasted with me through ou the years. Starting from creating small little jewelleries with little supplies that I got from my local beads shop, I was slowly introduced the different ways and materials to create. From beads, clay, decoden and even wires. I finally entered the whole of DIY where I can make use of the things around me, the different methods I have learned to create things I cannot afford in my own style. I'm always thinking about knew ideas and searching for the never ending world of creation.

Thank you to all who has stop by. Hopefully, you enjoy my tutorials and find them useful for your own DIY projects. You will be able to see what I enjoy doing as well as random things that happen in my life. Look out for tutorials as well and have fun!

P.S I love reading DIY, fashion, decorating related blogs! So drop me an email at geraldine_cassandra@hotmail.com if you want to swap ads!

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