Friday, January 25, 2013

Who loves ice cream?

I recently (Okay just two days ago) had the itch to get my hands on clay cause its been along time since I touched them. Funny cause I don't usually touch clay unless I have inspiration if not they will end up really ugly. But I suddenly wanted to make ice cream cones and I was never really able to make them so I thought about it and got down to working on it.

I must say they turn out better than I thought I made some toppings as well to help with my ice cream. They are basically the same with different toppings.

Here's a small preview of what you will be seeing. Okay the bear is completely out of the topic but I want to put it there so there nothing you can do. *MUAHAHAHAHA!!!*
There are two different cones that I made and this is one of them. It's like the waffle style kinda of cones. I used silicone for the cream and the toppings made by me.
Strawberry with sprinkles that I bought. The other one is like balls of candies on top.
Candy canes!!!! Added rhinestones for the shine!!!
These two cones are really simple in my opinion.
This is the other type of cone I was talking about. I don't know how to describe it. Like grilled octopus?
This is my all time favourite. Teddy bear trying to eat the ice cream. I lessen on the toppings cause there's already a few things going on. Super love!!! 
Front and back.
This three-tier ice cream was a last minute choice to make before I popped the clay into the oven. It turn out really well and I made it to a key chain. Added the ribbon for an extra cute look.
One more pic of the three-tier ice cream.
Okay this is just an extra but I want to add this little fella in.

This is what I have been working on. Hopefully there will be more. Leave a comment below to tell me which one you like best and don't forget to like our FACEBOOK PAGE!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY: Floral hair clip

I finally got down to creating someting and decided to do a hair accessory after seeing a girl with a nice hair clip. I wanted to use flowers this time because the sky has been rather gloomy this few days from the rain so why not cheer up with bright flowers.

Are you ready?!
This is what we will be doing today. It's perfect to wear out after the sky has cleared on a bright and sunny day! So first up would be the materials!
Things you need: Fake flowers
                             Beads (Any kind you like)
                             Hair clip
                             Glue gun
Time:10-20 mins
Take the string and cut it to the length that you desire. Be sure to use the length of your hair as a guide unless you don't mind the dangles to be longer than your hair. Tie a knot at the end.
String in the beads. You can choose to put as many beads but I'm keeping it simple to two beads.
Make as many as you want for this. It's really up to how many you want. Cut them of different length like how I did it if you want to.
Get the clip and glue gun the stings down to the hair clip. This part has to come first cause we want to hide those strings. Line them up neatly like this if you want them to fall nicely in the center. It will be easier to place the flowers if it is flat like that.
Start to glue gun the flowers. This is where you have to be random. Planning will be pretty useless for this part so stick the flowers to where your instincts tell you. Trust me.
And you're done!!!
Wear this any way you want. I tried to pin my fringe up with this and it works. So experiment different ways to wear this! Simple and nothing to extravagant. Use lighter flower if you like to cause I'm just using flowers that I already have.

Tell me what you feel about this floral hair clip and I apologize for some blur images cause my camera isn't working well with me :(.
I have a few more ideas on some accessories that I would like to do and show you all but I haven't got the materials yet. I probably be heading down to chinatown around this two weeks to get what I need. Hopefully, my ideas will work out! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My resolution 2013

Hey all, I haven't been updating recently due to certain factors. I just started work at my new place and I'm taking some time to adjust. You see, I'm not exactly the kind to warm up to others fast so I'm feeling a little lonely here. Things are really different here so I'm taking time to absorb them. And a small confession, I have been a little lazy to work on my crafts cause I end up laying down on the sofa after work. I'll try to get a new post soon!

I have never made a new years resolution before but I kinda want to do it this year. I know its half way through January but no harm saying this now. So here goes.

1) To have more readers for my blog and hopefully do a give away.

2) Work more on my crafts and to post more tutorials.

3) Hopefully finally setting up my shop online to sell what I love to do at a reasonable price.

4) Get a bazaar.

5) Do well in my work and warm up to people fast.

6) Spent lots of time with my family and friends plus try to keep my temper more cool which can be rather explosive at times.

7) Guide my lovely children of forty with much patience and care.

8) Travel to another country by plane.

9) Not to be so lazy :).

10) Love more.

These are what I hope to achieve this year. Not to difficult right?

I am happy to share that I was featured by Sophie and Toffee which you can see here. I'm really glad that they like what I did. Was super excited when I saw this.

Lastly be I end this post. Do like my facebook page where you can get updates on pictures or tutorials that I post. You can also find the facebook link at the side of my page. Thanks all and I'll be back soon!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY: Simple Friendship bracelet

Today, I'm going to show you how to make this really simple bracelet. As long as you know how to braid, its going to be a piece of cake. Let's start this DIY!!!
 Things you need: Pincer clasp
                              String (Two colours)
                              Jump ring
Time: 5-10 minutes
 First, using the chain, wrapped it round your wrist twice and cut it.
 Measure the string to be the same length as the chain.
 Cut 5 of each colour.
 Put them togther and tie a knot. Make sure the chain is sticking out.
 Tape the top down so it won't move around when you are braiding.
 Spilt them into three parts....
 And start braiding just like how you would do for your hair.:)
 As you braid, measure to ensure that it fits your wrist the way you want it to be.
 Tie a knot at the place you have stop braiding.
 Cut off the excess string.
Measure the where you should cut the chain using your wrist and how big you want your bracelet to be.
 Cut the excess chain.
 Add the pincer clasp at one end using a jump ring.
 Add a ring at the other side. And your done!
Go and and make many different colours. Mix and match your own to suit your taste! This bracelet is simple and you can layer them with as many bracelets as possible with different colour. Now who's going to say you have no colour in your life!

I just started work which explains why I haven't posted as often. It's a new place, I'm still awkward but I'll try my best. I am please with the place as for now and it's near my home too with meals provide so I don't have much to complain about.

2011 and 2012 hasn't been a very good year for me so I really hope 2013 will be good. I'm not asking for much. Just everyone around me to stay safe and healthy, I'll do well in my job and hopefully the world will become a better place. Let's all have a better year yeah! Happy new year!!!