Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm back with more!!!

(Read all the way down for a polymer clay tutorial)

Hello. I've been away for far too long. Its been crazy this past months. But I finally finished my portfolio, done with the PTM and I have only about two weeks to the end of the term. Also I quit my job and have at least one and a half months of break. So maybe I'll be able to work on my crafts more.

Although I have been away for a long time, I did work on more polymer clay charms. They are mostly made to be hung on bags or phone. I will show some pictures but more can be found at my Etsy shop.

These are some animals and other kinds like the bouquet and Rapunzal. Rapunzal is my favourite so far then it would be the rabbit. I think I did a not bad job on the bouquet but the details did drive a little crazy. The mushroom was actually one of my very first creations when i started on polymer clay but I decided to make a new and modified the eyes. I used beads last time for the eyes but now the eyes are all also made from clay.

Made some cupcakes inspired from mickey mouse and winnie the pooh. I think they look adorable. There's another scrump donut at the top which someone already bought from me. The macaroons and strawberries in the basket are one of my favourites as well. Actually learn the basket from one youtuber called sabyloves. The teddy bear is flatback which I decided to try instead of always making them round.

I have a few more charms that I made which can be seen at my etscy shop. I am still waiting to find a good bazaar to sell my creations. Maad seems to ba good place to do so, I might get a place there during the hols. WIll blog more about it if I decide to.

Tony tony chopper's hat 

polymer clay tutorial
This will be the first tutorial that I do and I decided to make tony tony chopper's hat from one piece.
Its really simple to do so Let's get started!

Time: 5-10 minutes 
Tools needed: Small cutter
                        A needle tool
                        Pink and white clay (or any colour you want)
                        Liquid sculpey (Optional)
                        Glaze (Optional),
                        Brush (Optional)
                        An eye pin.
You will need to spilt the clay in to two because there will be two parts in the hat. One for the top part and one for the bottom.
Take one ball of clay and roll the bottom part so that the top will be bigger that the bottom. Take your time to roll this part.
Press the top and bottom down so that it will be flat at both ends. Be gentle at this part you don't want to press to much.
The top part of the hat should look like this. See how the upper part of the clay is slightly bigger than the lower part. Both ends should also be flat.
Now, take the other ball of clay and flatten it gently. It has to be a circle. If the circle is to big or thick just take some clay out.

Place the top part of the hat on the circle. Add a little bit of liquid sculpy so that it can stick better but this is totally optional.
We will now do the cross on the hat. Take a white piece of clay and flatten it. Don't make it do because it might be difficult to cut later.

Using the needle tool outline the cross that you want on the white piece of clay. Don't press to hard in case you do it wrongly you can easily redo it by rubbing the clay lightly.

Using the small cutter like the one in the above picture, cut of the cross. Be patience at this point cause you don't wan to ruin it now.
Gently place the cross on the hat, add a bit of liquid sculpey if you want to.
Place the eye pin into the clay. Bake the clay in the oven. Follow the instructions on your clay packaging to bake it. Let it cool after it is done baking. I suggesst making a few creations before baking cause it saves alot of time and electricity :).

You can choose whether you want to glaze it but it gives a much more shiny and clear finish. Add a bit of super glue to the eyepin to secure it.

And you're done!
I hope this tutorial is easy to follow and you guys will have lots of fun making it. Do tell me if there's any areas I can improve on or if you have tried making your own do tell me!

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