Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY:Charms bag charm

As promised, I'm back from my trip so here's the tutorial on the bag charm. My previous bag charm was cute and colourful so this time, it will be less colours and those who prefer earthy tones. Let's get started!
Things you need: String
                             Wooden Pegs
                             Jump rings
                             Bag hook

Fr the first part, follow the instructions from my Cabochon bag charm tutorial. Cut the length that you want your bag charm to be times two.
However, for this charm, you will need four long string and one short string.
Tie the strings together like so. Remember to bend the long strings into half to tie to create the hook.
Split the strings to three parts with three strings in each  part.
Braid each part like so and hold the end with a wooden peg.
And it should look like this.
After you are done braiding each part, braid all of them together....
...and tie a knot.
Get your charms ready by adding a jump ring to each of them.
Attach the charm to the string using the jump ring.
It should look like this.
 Add the bag hook to the top.
Add a charm to the side hook.
And you are done!
This bag charm is really easy to do and looks great on your bag. Simple and nice for those who wants to accessories their bag but nothing too extravagant. Have Fun!!


  1. where to get the leather string, jump rings and bag hook from?

    1. Hi dear i got them at chinatown. There are many different shops there selling these things