Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Earrings holder

Remember I did a post for sophie and toffee contest. I did a photoframe using all the cabochons I got from them. After finishing it I figured I didn't have any photos to put. So guess what I changed it into.

I changed it into a earring holder!. I was looking through places to a earring holder cause im always losing them. So I thought og this idea and I love it!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Favourite songs this month-May

Se7en-When I can't sing

Heard this recently and I love it! So much emotions can be felt just hearing him sing even though I don't understand korean.


I've always been a fan of shinee but this song is so addictive and not to mention their dancing gets better every single time!

B1A4-Baby, I'm Sorry

Okay so the English parts doesn't really make sense but the overall is great! Their other songs are nice too!

Taetiseo- Twinkle

Ignoring the name of their group, this song is fab! They have really good voices!

Cnblue- Hey you!

I love this group! Their really talented and their songs are always great!
Monday, Tuesday better day. We always have monday blues.