Monday, March 12, 2012

My shop!!! IT'S DONE!!!

I posted not long ago about almost completing my shop and I'M FINALLY DONE. After a week of work from taking photos to editing the pictures and pulling my hair cause the computer wouldn't work with me, I finally completed it. I'm going to showcase some of the things that can be found in my shop.


Hand blinged this myself i love the bear!

Keychain plus a mirror inside!


Little sweet Jars

Necklace twisted out of wires

Iphone 4 casing


Snow man Keychain

Baically this are the few things that can be found in my shop!! I'm really excited!! I even decided to have a opening sale and made a banner for it as well.

The link to my shop is Hut of presents. I'm glad I am done with the website but will continue creating more things as I just love doing it. I hope people who by them will treat them with tender, love and care.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cabochons from sophie and toffee

The cabochons use for the things I make to sell on my shop came from a place called Sophieandtoffee ( This place sells lots of cute cabochons which are really difficult to find at craft stalls outside.

I bought more from them not to long ago but never really found the time to make anything. I finally found time today and decide to make a photoframe.

Before I show the frame I made, here are some cabochons that I bought.

Aren't this cute! I bought lots of ice cream from them. I love it. Spot the chanel ice cream cone. Loves the words too and some a bigger then I expected but that's good right.

A picture on the planning process. Placed a newspaper below so that I won't messed up my table with any whipped cream or cutting the fimo canes. The frame is from ikea and this is the planning process I take before  working on it. Choosing the cabochons and planning where you want this and that to place. Wouldn't want to mess up later. Some of the cabochons were bought previously in other orders also from Sophie and Toffee.

After deciding on the placing of each cabochons. It's now time to work on the whipped cream. After many practises I realise it is important to work slowly with the whipped cream as you want a consistant flow of the cream for them to look nice. I'm super satisfied with this try.

This is the final product now i just have to wait for the whipped cream to dry and I'm super done. I just love how a few cabochons can make a simple plain frame turn of so ridiculously cute!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My blog shop

I have been having a blogshop for quite sometime now but I have never seriously got down to doing anything at all. It's called Hut of presents which the link can be found at the side.

I got the name Hut of Presents after brainstorming with my sis and finally decided on that name. Mainly, I wanted to sell handmade stuff that I really love to do as well as some supplies from what I make. So basically, my shop name means that I want people to find or be able to create presents from my little hut. It also sound like Heart of presents which means presents are made from the heart.

I'm in the process of creating a new webpage using a different website. creating everyhing from scratch. It doesnt look like thse professional sites where they hire designers to design for them (cause I don't have the money) but its pleasing to the eyes. Here's a preview of the banner I made for my shop.

I love it!!! My shop is half way done can't wait to complete it!!!