Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY: Clay in the Jar

Yesterday, I chanced upon one book in the library that showed the different techniques to make flowers and plants. So I thought of making different plants and flower and put them inside the jar like those water plants you can find outside.

I must say I'm please with how it looks like but I do have some problems with it too which I will say later. But this is how I made it and I'm calling it "Clay in the jar", mainly because the things that I am going to put in are made of clay.
Time: Depending on individual
Things needed: A Jar (any size)
                         Oven-baked clay (colours depending on what you are making)
                         Clay tools (optional)
                         Acrylic paint
                         Sand or pebbles
First of you want to do this first cause you have to wait for it to dry. Squeeze out the paint colour of your choice and paint the lid carefully place a magazine below to avoid getting paint on your table.
When you are done, leave it to dry.
Start working on you clay figures that you want to place inside your jar. I learn how to make this from the book I borrowed. you also want to make sure that what you make can fit in the jar.
Bake your clay and leave it to cool. While waiting, get your sand or pebbles and fill it to where you want it to be. I'm using sand cause I happen to have them at home but I personally feel that pebbles will look better (Just my opinion).
Carefully add in your clay figurines in, use the chopstick to help shift the things in place and you are done!

My theme is that a two mushrooms living in the dark musky place finally found a gorgeous flower. I like the way it turned out.
Okay, this is my problem. the things inside move around whenever I move it from one place to another so I can't give this as gifts or anything cause it's bound to be destroy by the time it reaches the receiver. I'm not so sure if pebbles will be better since the pieces are big and chunky.
If anyone have any idea how I can make the sand and figurines stay in place do leave a comment below and share with me! Thanks!

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