Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY:V bracelet

I'm going to show you how to do this V bracelet. I'm calling it V bracelets cause it looks like there are many V's on the bracelet. I will be doing this differently. Instead of using cords like the ones in the picture, I will be using threads. Let's get started!
 Things you need: Threads (Two colours)
                              Pincer clasp
                              Jump rings
First off you will want to measure the length of the chain and make sure its fits you. I suggest cutting it slightly bigger so it won't be too tight and it will be easier for you when you have to wear it yourself.
Add on the clasp using the pliers and the jump ring.

Cut four equal lengths of one colour thread. The length of the thread has to be around two and a half times the length of your chain. Note: If you only want to use one colour then the thread has to be four times the length of the chain.
Do the same for the other colour and place them together.
Tie a knot like this. (Skip this part if your are only using one colour.)
Wrap the ends with scotch tape so it will be easier when you thread it through the chain.
Start of with the purple thread being thread in the purple thread will then have to be on top the pink thread. Thread on the right has to be on top the thread on the left.

Then thread to pink thread from below the chain into the same hole as the purple thread.
Thereafter, thread the pink thread through the hole again from the bottom. This whole process will be threading from the bottom.
Remember the right thread has to be on top the left thread. Thread the purple thread through the same hole as the pink thread.
Continue doing threading until the end and the and knot.
See how I left one hoop and tied the knot in the centre.
 Cut off the excess string.
Now you are done. Both is done using the same method only different materials. But they both have a different look.
If you want to do the dark blue one, just get this cord instead. If you are from Singapore, you can get this at Chinatown at a place called Shino beads for 40 cents.
To add on to this bracelet, I added a small charm to it. Both styles are equally nice. Be creative with the colour. you can us more than two colours. All you have to do is cut different colour threads and just make sure you have to same number of threads at both sides to thread.

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