Monday, March 12, 2012

My shop!!! IT'S DONE!!!

I posted not long ago about almost completing my shop and I'M FINALLY DONE. After a week of work from taking photos to editing the pictures and pulling my hair cause the computer wouldn't work with me, I finally completed it. I'm going to showcase some of the things that can be found in my shop.


Hand blinged this myself i love the bear!

Keychain plus a mirror inside!


Little sweet Jars

Necklace twisted out of wires

Iphone 4 casing


Snow man Keychain

Baically this are the few things that can be found in my shop!! I'm really excited!! I even decided to have a opening sale and made a banner for it as well.

The link to my shop is Hut of presents. I'm glad I am done with the website but will continue creating more things as I just love doing it. I hope people who by them will treat them with tender, love and care.

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