Monday, April 2, 2012

Always the sides

There's this thing that I have notice lately. All the kpop groups that I like, the one I like most in the group seem to always shave the side of their heads. You the kind where one side has hair while the other doesn't. And I can prove it okay. It's not just one or two of them.

So first it was Shinee's Key, He started out looking like this:

Then he decided to shave the side of his hair  in their lucifer album and he looked like this:

Seriously when I saw this no matter how much I like him i couldn't bring myself to like or compliment the hair and what is that pink colour thing between his shaven head and hair. Thank goodness it looks normal now. Loving their new song.

The next Idol is mir from mblaq. Debut photo:

And then it becomes like this:

It looks exactly the same just only his is the other side.Just as I thought it was too much of a coincidence, TOP from big bang did the same thing and he happen to be my bias in the group.

Tell me why they have to shave the side of their heads and so similar and they have to be the one I like in the group. I mean whats with the coincidence and I prefer his his like before. Wow, Fantastic baby

I just can't like this hair thing. Which brings me to my next point, why does fans like to compliment their idols at the certain things that they wear and do when obviously it doesn't look nice on them or it just seems wrong and they try to defend them which ends up in quarrals that you see on youtube and forums. Tell the idols the truth, they are not going to hate you for that (sometimes I think they agreed with you but can;t do anything cause their companies did it for them) unless your like one of those mean haters who are CONSTANLY traumatising them although they are doing great. Buzz off nobody likes you either.

Im gonna end this post with one last idol SERIOUSLY. I thought TOP was the last one.
B1A4 Baro
Beautiful target

But he doesn't look that bad cause it's not fully shaven. Right?

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