Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Sorry for the unfrequented updates. I have been lazy and out of inspiration, if not, I don have the materials to create the necklaces I have in mind.

Recently, I was browsing online when I saw pastries made of polymer clay. There were tutorials online so I manage to get tips on how to make certain texture and different methods that can be used. I got down to creating some of my favourite pastries! Here's the pictures!
 CREAM PUFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay calm down.... There wasn't a tutorial that showed me how to make a nice cream puff so I kind of did this myself. I thought it was quite a job well done, not the best, but good. Sadly people told me it looks like hamburger, donut, don't know what that is. Don't look like cream puffs?
Bag5ette in a basket. I actually saw this tutorials to make the baguette long ago. But guess what? I was too lazy, too lazy to get the aluminum foil. Yeah cause on a piece of foil I took a long time to this. But I finally did and looks not bad right? Added a little small ribbon at the side of the basket.

Donuts. Okay I made donuts before so I have nothing much to say. But three-tier donuts!!! Who wants it?!

 I love cookies. Made a small pendant along with another small cookie.

 Made this pretty macaroon and did some designs on it. Who wants their edible macaroons to look like this?
Made some Swiss rolls. Green tea flavoured with vanilla cream with strawberries. Two to be earrings and one to be a dust cap.
Made the sweet bracelet and added a Swiss roll to it. I love it! It looks so cute.
Most of the charms I made will become key chains. I'm looking for a good flea like maybe specialized in handmade crafts. If anyone know of one in Singapore, let me know! 

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