Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Flea at public garden

Hello all! Did the flea three days ago at the National Museum of Singapore with public garden. At  awesome time there. it turn out better than I expected! Had lots of fun doing this flea. The most fun I had out of all the fleas I did! I got a good space, the crowd was good and I had lots of people who came down to help and support me. Thank you!

It was nice to see people liking my stuff and buying them with a smile on their face. I will definitely want to have a flea with public garden again maybe sometime round June if they have one. Seems like they have it every month.

Here is one picture of my booth. Took only one although there were two days. I thought I did take the pic but I can find it.

Haha!! I still have a lot to improve on my layout. After looking at others I realized that. But lots of people ask me if I was selling that at the side but I couldn't....well... cause the limbs were falling off. I can't sell them that.

I gave away many name cards for those two days. So for those new readers to my blog, Welcome! I have tutorial on many different things and also try out different DIYs for fun if not its just me being random. Fell free to ask me anything. I don't have a online shop as for now cause I'm really busy with work and all. Please like my Facebook page cause more likes means more surprise for me and you and there will be regular updates on my Facebook page.

Thank you to all who came over to support me and also to those who bought my creations and to my new readers. Thank you!

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