Monday, March 18, 2013

Video Tutorial: Teddy's present

Hello all. I've something to tell you all today! I recently created a YouTube account to post video tutorial especially polymer clay tutorials cause a lot of photos are need for them. I guess it can also help you to see how certain steps are done.

I had lots of problems filming the first one because of my camera as well as when I was editing the video cause I have never done so before. You won't here my voice only because I find it awkward talking to the camera. I've tried and trust me. It didn't turn out great.

Well, it's my first time so please do tell me what you think about. Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more. But be for the video here's a picture of what I will be teaching you.
Cute? Well, here's the video!

Hope you enjoy it:)!

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