Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY:Braided charms necklace

Hello! It's been a while. I haven't been able to post tutorials lately as frequently as I want because by the time I reach home from work I'm totally shagged and my body refuses to separate from my bed. I haven't been able to get any rest or even my lunch break because I have to take the classes for the whole day.

Anyway, I'm back with a super easy and great necklace tutorial. You can do this as long as you can braid.
This necklace is great for everyday wear and match your outfits easily. Let's get started! 

Time: 15 mins
Things you need:
-3 different strings of different tones (Two thin, one thick)
-Jump rings
-One charm
First off, get the two different brown sting and cut three each of the same length. Be sure to measure around you neck first and cut around 10 to 15 cm more of the original length cause you will be braiding and adding the clasp at the end. Excess string can be cut away so better to be save than sorry. Cut only one of the thick string the same length as the others.
This is the clasp we will be using to hold the string together.
Put the string together and secure them.
Spilt the three different string and braid the two brown strings separately.
After braiding the two brown string, braid all of them together.
Secure the ends together with the same clasp. Do remember to measure if it is the correct length before cutting the excess string away. Add the hook at the end using the jump ring.
Take the charm that you have chosen. As mine does not have a hook, I use wire to attach it to the chain. Feel free to use  a jump ring if your jump has hooks.
Attach the charm to the necklace.
Twist the excess wire around and secure it tight. Ensure that the ends are not poking out.
And we are done!

Hopefully this tutorial was easy to do. Feel free to use ribbon and sewing thread if you can't find some of the materials. The necklace will also turn out thicker. Use more strings to make the necklace thicker.

You can also use charms from old necklaces. Although I added beads in the materials, I decided not to use them as I liked how it looked already. Pardon the small pictures cause I can't enlarge it as the bar isn't there for me to do so.

I'll be out tomorrow in an adventure to create a terrarium. Will blog about my adventure when I'm done. Till then! 

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