Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY: Floral hair clip

I finally got down to creating someting and decided to do a hair accessory after seeing a girl with a nice hair clip. I wanted to use flowers this time because the sky has been rather gloomy this few days from the rain so why not cheer up with bright flowers.

Are you ready?!
This is what we will be doing today. It's perfect to wear out after the sky has cleared on a bright and sunny day! So first up would be the materials!
Things you need: Fake flowers
                             Beads (Any kind you like)
                             Hair clip
                             Glue gun
Time:10-20 mins
Take the string and cut it to the length that you desire. Be sure to use the length of your hair as a guide unless you don't mind the dangles to be longer than your hair. Tie a knot at the end.
String in the beads. You can choose to put as many beads but I'm keeping it simple to two beads.
Make as many as you want for this. It's really up to how many you want. Cut them of different length like how I did it if you want to.
Get the clip and glue gun the stings down to the hair clip. This part has to come first cause we want to hide those strings. Line them up neatly like this if you want them to fall nicely in the center. It will be easier to place the flowers if it is flat like that.
Start to glue gun the flowers. This is where you have to be random. Planning will be pretty useless for this part so stick the flowers to where your instincts tell you. Trust me.
And you're done!!!
Wear this any way you want. I tried to pin my fringe up with this and it works. So experiment different ways to wear this! Simple and nothing to extravagant. Use lighter flower if you like to cause I'm just using flowers that I already have.

Tell me what you feel about this floral hair clip and I apologize for some blur images cause my camera isn't working well with me :(.
I have a few more ideas on some accessories that I would like to do and show you all but I haven't got the materials yet. I probably be heading down to chinatown around this two weeks to get what I need. Hopefully, my ideas will work out! Wish me luck!

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