Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My resolution 2013

Hey all, I haven't been updating recently due to certain factors. I just started work at my new place and I'm taking some time to adjust. You see, I'm not exactly the kind to warm up to others fast so I'm feeling a little lonely here. Things are really different here so I'm taking time to absorb them. And a small confession, I have been a little lazy to work on my crafts cause I end up laying down on the sofa after work. I'll try to get a new post soon!

I have never made a new years resolution before but I kinda want to do it this year. I know its half way through January but no harm saying this now. So here goes.

1) To have more readers for my blog and hopefully do a give away.

2) Work more on my crafts and to post more tutorials.

3) Hopefully finally setting up my shop online to sell what I love to do at a reasonable price.

4) Get a bazaar.

5) Do well in my work and warm up to people fast.

6) Spent lots of time with my family and friends plus try to keep my temper more cool which can be rather explosive at times.

7) Guide my lovely children of forty with much patience and care.

8) Travel to another country by plane.

9) Not to be so lazy :).

10) Love more.

These are what I hope to achieve this year. Not to difficult right?

I am happy to share that I was featured by Sophie and Toffee which you can see here. I'm really glad that they like what I did. Was super excited when I saw this.

Lastly be I end this post. Do like my facebook page where you can get updates on pictures or tutorials that I post. You can also find the facebook link at the side of my page. Thanks all and I'll be back soon!

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