Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mini macarons tutorial (Polymer clay)

Today's tutorial will be on mini macarons. I love love how macarons look and taste, so it no doubt that I have to make them. I'm not too good at baking so I can only make them using clay. The macarons are small but simple to make and you only need one tool. Let's get started!

Things you need:
-One coloured clay (The colour you want your macarons to be)
-White clay
-A needle tool
-An oven
The first step is to create two small balls from the coloured clay (I'm using pastel pink). Make sure both are as even as possible. The sizes of the ball depends on how big you want your macarons to be.
Next lightly press the ball down to create a flat circle.
Which should look like this. Don't make it too flat.
Use the side of the needle tool to press the sides down lightly.
It should have a little dent like this. Do this step all around the side of the clay.
The clay should now look like it has been divided into two.
After you have formed a straight line around the side of the clay, use the needle tool and poke the bottom half of the clay. Lightly poke and use circular motions to create look of the macaron after it has been baked.
There should be little small holes but they cannot be too deep.
And you're done with one side of the macaron. Now just repeat the same steps for the other side.
You should have two sides now!
Next, take a small piece of white clay. This will be a filling for the macaron.
Press it  down lightly and it should be the same size as your macaron.
Put them on top of one another.
For the last step, lightly press them down together. Look at it as you press and you will slowly see it taking the form of a macaron!
Finally, bake it and your done!
Put them in little jars and it looks really cute. This is really simple to make and you can make it in any colour you want. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Good luck!
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