Monday, February 6, 2012

Stop it

This happened to me a couple of times and im pretty sure you guys are just as guilty of doing it.

You know the times when you try playing with someone by beating them or ticking them cause it just seemed so fun AT THAT POINT OF TIME. So when your victim tells you to stop it, some how what processes in your mind is "Let's play somemore." but in actual fact your victim really means it. So then you continue irritating them.

Then reality sets in. You realise you victim is seriously irritated then you start getting fluster. Not knowing what to do, you continue with your tickles until SHE GETS ANGRY! Too late. The anger is there the awkardness sets in you start to panic but pride over rides you. You refuse to apologise then that's it. You get angry so does she and you refuse to talk.

When this happens guilt soon sets in and you try to strike a conversation. Depending on your victims character you will either be forgiven fast or TRY HARDER. Why? Cause you caused it first.
Admit it you've been in such situation.Cause I know I have.


That aside 2012 has come and its already february and this is like my first post of the year. This year has started out great aside from the school work that I have plus me not getting along with someone lately. She gets on my nerves and switches her words to fast it terrifying maybe one day if she pisses me off like real bad i do a whole blog entry of her. Not like she actually would know cause she is so FULL OF HERSELF.

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