Monday, May 2, 2011

Deco: Busy, More, Busy, More

So it was along weekend for me because there was staturday, sunday and monday that i didn't have to work. I got busy with making more decoden( it's been long since i last touched them). Here are some pieces which I made:
The first one i worked on was this jar. If there was a name to give this i would say, 'hello kitty loves food'. Because I added one Hello Kitty with food surrounding her. Initially there wasn't a ribbon on the glass bottle but my mum said it looked kind of naked so I added the ribbon there. So this jar is not meant to put any edible stuff inside. Instead maybe things like your rings, those objects that are small.

This is the first time I worked on a photoframe. I think it turned out quite well but I think I used a little to many cabochons. But i kind of like how it looks like.

This is the second jar which i made and it really different from what i usually make. I had problems with the brown whipped cream and it was suppose to be another design but i changed it because of the whipped cream.

So finally the last one is also a photoframe. I tried to do this one differently using lesser cabochon. I cut out fimo stick pieces and pasted them around the empty area along with rhinestones.

This few works will be available at my shop soon after I work out the prices. Happy holidays!!

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