Saturday, June 16, 2012

Donuts for sale!!!

I love eating donuts. Sadly we never have those small little pop in your mouth donuts. :(
I was browsing through the internet and saw different donuts which looked so good! SO, SO, SO, I thought to myself, why not make mini donuts out of clay! I can make them into earrings, ear studs, bracelets and rings!

I went into my room took my clay and tools and started working on it. I started with the bottom then the glaze and finally some toppings! So here are some of the donuts that I made.

I LOVE THIS! I think I mixed the colours pretty well. Yeah I love colourful stuff.

The pictures above are all earrings and earstuds. But I Think they look good to eat besides the one with the rhinestone cause its shiny. Have you ever eaten shiny food before? Cause I don't think I've seen one before.

There are some that i made with whipped cream too:

I have them in strawberries, blue icecream and miniature donut which I bought.

All this are for sale! You can head down to my facebook page and click on donuts collection!HutofPresents

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